Chain Reaction


Pretty Little Blings ribbon necklace


BlackFive top/ PINKaholic origami shorts/ Forever21 bag


Forever21 shoes


There is no other way that best describes this look than chain reaction. I mean, It’s literally all about chains, baby!

So I noticed that this type of print always reminds me about the vintage-y tops that my mom used to have in her closet back in the 90’s. Such a classic print. I personally think it will never go out of style. Don’t you think?

Anyway, this is another look from my BlackFive mail. Something I can actually dress up or down depending on the look that I’m going for. I think this was from last weeks ootd and if you’ve been following me on instagram I’m sure you’ve seen this on one of my ootd posts. Hehe!

Have a great weekend everyone! =)

Give Me Flowers

And so I am back to my old blogging duties here in my hometown. Good to be back but you know, I would loved it if I stayed longer with boyfie. I don’t think 4months was enough, I mean for some people 4months might be too long but I’m sure you guys know what I mean. If you’re having fun, time goes by so fast. If you’re bored, time goes by in sloooow motion. I’m sure you get my point. Hehe!

Moving on with my look… Hehe!


BlackFive floral top/ Zara white shorts


Rings & Tings “Love” bangle/ Bershka clutch


Rings & Tings chain necklace/ Michael Kors watch

Together with the “Love’” bangle, this necklace also came in the mail from a Hong Kong based online website who sells the cutest stuff from accessories to clothing.


Gold Dot jamie wedge


Let’s talk about my latest ootd! I must admit, I really missed the sun out here, although I’m not really much of a hot weather type of person but really, I do miss it a lot. Well, ‘cuz during my visit to D.C, getting a dose of sunshine in the middle of winter season was so rare and having the chance to catch some sunlight would mean a perfect day for me and boyfie. We’d sunbathe! Hah! =)

Back to my outfit. I got this top from a new blog sponsor called BlackFive. I actually find their merchandise a bit different from the rest of the online stores out there who sells massive volumes of clothing. Mainly because I find their website really easy to navigate and I find that a little more appealing. A plus for that! Do check them out guys! Love this site. =)