Mango knit pullover/ Forever21 cross necklace

Romwe leggings

These leggings are definitely on top of my “Leggings List”. I can’t stop wearing them! ❤

Zara studded clutch

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

Been MIA for so long.. I had a looong list of roadtrips and flights in a week. Plus, our flight home got cancelled due to bad weather or as what we call it  typhoon “Pablo”. So yeah, my parents and I got stuck in Cebu for a day. Had nothing to do but stay in the hotel, sleep and watch the news since malls were closed as early as 5pm.

The said typhoon was to hit Cebu at around 8 in the evening. But the good thing is that the typhoon wasn’t able to build up. The winds weren’t as strong as i expected it to be based on the news and there was no sign of Pablo which was a good thing. In the morning, it was like nothing happened compared to what Butuan went through as how my friends and family members described it. Strong winds managed to rip off windows, roofs and trees as if they were nothing.

For the hundreds who lost their lives on Pablo’s wrath. May God bless their souls. 

Stay safe everyone!