Into Prints

Target shades

Balenciaga bag/ H&M sandals

Bershka knit top/ H&M skirt

Rimowa salsa air luggage carry-on

So obviously, I am more than ready for summer season. Hihi! I’m sure a lot of us ladies are already cramming up all our summer clothes and getting ready to hit the beach. Yaaay for summer! But apparently, Butuan weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating with the season. We’re still hooked up on the rainy season. Yeah, sad. But no worries, I’m sure the sun will come around in a few days. =)

Now for my super late ootd post. This was like 2 weeks ago on my flight from Manila to Butuan. Hihi! Talk about backlogs. In fact, I still have a few of those lying around on my desktop just waiting for me to post them. Hihi! Gotta post them asap. =)

Dark Side


Urban Outfitters cardigan/ H&M lace shorts


Onecklace customized necklace/ H&M top


Balenciaga bag/ Breckelle’s gladiator flats


To tell you the truth I really missed wearing open-toe sandals and shorts. But I never got tired of wearing knitted tops, sweaters and cardigans as you can tell. I’m obsessed with them! If I could fill up my closet with lots of sweaters, that would be totally fine with me. Hihi! 

So anybody starting to feel the heat of the summer coming in? Although I’m not so sure if I’m excited about that. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t gotten over the whole winter season back in Virginia. And of course, a whole lot of opportunity for me to wear sweaters as often as I want to. Haha! But on the other hand, I’m actually pretty excited about hitting the beach again soon.

Yaaay for summer! 

I Heart NYC

H&M infinity scarf and denim top/ Forever21 jacket/ Balenciaga bag

Oasap leggings/ Urban Outfitters boots

Quick ootd post and it’s another one from my New York trip. This was our last day in New York so we headed straight to the Empire State Building to get a glimpse of the New York Skyline early in morning since we got lucky enough that it didn’t get too foggy that day. Anyway, if you guys haven’t read my post about my trip to NYC, read about it here.

So about the look, I was actually wearing the same jacket over and over during the whole trip. Well, simply because it was the only jacket I felt warm and comfortable in and it matched every piece that I wanted to bring with me for the trip. I know, eww gross.. haha!

Have blast everyone! =) Mwah!

Lady Liberty

Finally, a new ootd update! Good thing I don’t have to break down hundreds of photos into a few sets to create an ootd blogpost. Whew! I can’t imagine how travel bloggers select the best ones from thousands of photos they snap each place that they go to. 

Anyway, If you guys have seen my recent blogpost about my trip to New York City, I guess you have seen half of my ootd by then. Well, here’s the rest of my outfit. Hehe!image image Forever21 knit pullover and jacket/ H&M infinity scarf

imageH&M leather pants/ Urban Outiftters boots/ Balenciaga bag



So I know a lot of us love to travel. Like, duh… Who doesn’t? And of course, in our generation, bringing along our very own trusty cameras and a camera-equipped cellphone is a self requirement nowadays. I realized that every place on earth is so beautiful that sometimes you just have to forget about taking so much photos on your camera. Instead, try admiring it through your naked eyes.

Boyfie always tells me to relax, enjoy every moment and stop taking too much photos every time we’re out travelling. He said I tend to get so annoying from snapping too much photos and forgetting about why we were there in the first place…And oh, according to him, I always end up ignoring him as well. Haha! Anyway, I took his advice and left my camera at the hotel for one day and just snapped photos using my phone if I really needed to. 

So yeah, I did it… And yes, It really is better to witness the beauty first-hand with your own eyes. He even asked me how I felt having all the freedom to admire every place without taking out my camera all the time. Not to mention excess baggage. Hehe! Ugh! His positiveness is so annoying it amazes me. Whyyyyy can’t I be like that? I have to be like that! Haha!

You guys should really try it as well! Try doing photographic memories instead. It also helps you improve your memory. Hehe!

Rodeo Drive


It was a perfect sunny day to go on a tour around the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Perfect day to wear this dress without worrying too much about the weather. I just threw on a leather jacket and a pair of boots to keep me warm on a slightly cold weather in L.A.


PINKaholic dress/ Wet Seal leather jacket/ Report boots/ Balenciaga bag


So this is what I wore during our one day tour around Los Angeles. Boyfie was like, “Seriously… you’re wearing a dress?” Why not? hehe!

So on our tour, we had to ride a hop-on-hop-off tour bus to get around the famous spots in L.A and those buses had 2nd floors so yeah, maybe that made him ask me if I was really gonna wear a dress. Haha! Anyway, I was actually freezing my face out in the cold wind I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore and even gave me a runny nose without being aware. I know, gross.. Haha! 

Really had so much fun during my visit to L.A! Still cannot believe it! =)

Winning Fight


PINKaholic frill skirt/ Persunmall Tshirt/ Wetseal leather jacket


Balenciaga bag/ Jeffrey Campbell lita boots


Persunmall necklace


Winning fight since I actually did this ootd shoot on the day of Pacman’s boxing fight against Rios. We met up with a few friends in San Francisco and watched the game at Hooters. Lol. Had so much fun cheering for our very own Filipino boxing champ. Yes, I know that was like weeks ago but here it is anyway. Hehe! 

So boyfie and I were very happy with the weather in San Francisco. Yes, It was cold but at least it was tolerable compared to what we have here in DC wherein you need to be all covered up or else get your a** frozen outside. Haha! It started snowing last sunday as well.. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Waaah! Beee-yooo-tiful! Couldn’t stop throwing snowballs at boyfie. Haha! Made my day! Well, as the song goes… “It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas”.

Merry Christmas guys! Have a great week! Mwah!

Cable Car

Wetseal leather jacket & top/ Topshop denim shorts/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

Balenciaga bag

So how do I start this blog post? Then again, I have been away for so long I have piled up hundreds of photos on my laptop and camera but just didn’t have the time to blog since we were actually on a non-stop trip around west coast. Having only 4hours of sleep almost every night resulted into having 2 huge bags right under my eyes. Haha!

So anyway, first stop was in San Francisco. I’ll be doing a separate blog post for that. For now, I’m just gonna do an ootd come back. Hehe! I haven’t blogged an outfit post for so long now and I feel like I am being sooo left out in the blogosphere. I must admit, I haven’t been doing my  duties and I hope you won’t hate me for that. Huhu! Sorry guys! (peace!) =) Will try to update you every now and then. I have tons of photos and stories to share to you. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! =)