By the way

Clothepedia aztec blazer

PINKaholic stripe shorts

Gold Dot gold metallic clutch/ Prism Shop tiger cuffs

Fancy Feet heel less booties

And im back with an ootd!

I really had a hard time finding time to shoot an ootd since weather here is just bad. Been raining like crazy for the past few weeks, and you know how much i hate shooting indoors. So finally, the sun came out today and i had to rush out of the house and take photos. I was literally running in heel-less. Lol!

Speaking of heel-less shoes.. Check out these new babies that i got from Fancy Feet. Its transparent and its heel-less all wrapped up into one. Its sooo pretty! If you’re a fan of heel-less shoes then you have to get one of these kicks. =)

Here’s another item that i got in the mail last week aside from the shoesies. The blazer, don’t you love the colors? I don’t have much printed blazers and these are no doubt one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Thanks to Clothepedia! ❤

I think that’s it for now.. Sorry for the late post guys!

Special thanks to Fancy Feet and Clothepedia!

Have a great day! =)


PINKaholic: Bright Shadows collection

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MUA: By yours truly.. =)
Photography: Mariel WickedYing & Sheila Dy-Tiu
Styling: Sheila Dy-Tiu