So Catty


Forever21 bag & necklace/ H&M skater skirt


Tres Shoes Hanley in Taupe


Ripples Julia top in red


Just a thought. I don’t think the skater skirt trend will ever go away anytime soon. Even I have been sooo hooked up on these cute little round skirts. Been buying almost every color and print I see in stores. Ladies, I know you did too! Let’s face it, they’re so versatile and they go with almost everything that we wear. You can either dress them up or go casual and simple for everyday looks. 

Here I wore mine with a plain red top just to give out a little color from my usual black and white ensembles if you guys noticed. Hehe! It’s not everyday that you see me wear red except for my lippie. But I’m always willing to try out new things especially when It comes to fashion. It just keeps you interested when you experiment. 

Have a great weekend guys! =)

Fashionbandwagon Travels

So this is what’s keeping me out from doing my blogging duties. Finally, an update about my 26hrs of travelling and hopping from one flight to another from Manila and all the way to D.C.

It was actually my first time to sit, watch a movie, sleep and eat on a chair for 12 hours straight from Japan to NYC. Whew! But who cares, it was all worth the wait!


A coastal view of Narita, Japan. 

image image Hello Manhattan! Well, just droppin’ by.. hehe! I will see you soon! =p


Saw these cute NY tumblers, mugs and shot glasses. Cute!


My first american breakfast! Haha! 


Thank you boyfie! =) (omg! grabe my forehead ah! haha!)


Happy Halloween!!!

Enjoy the weekend guys! Mwah!

Cesa x Fashionbandwagon

Summer season might still be a few months away from now but when you live in a tropical country like Philippines, people can hit the beach or take a dip in the pool whenever they want to. So basically, everyday is just another day to soak up under the sun!

So what is this blog post all about? Well, It’s all in the title! I actually Instagrammed my Cesa loot bag saying how excited I was to be one of Cesa’s newest brand ambassadress. This is also my first time to do a collaboration with a swimwear brand and that definitely made the whole thing exciting and fun.

S/S ‘14 Fringe Collection in black

When it comes to swimwear, I’m always having a hard time finding the perfect design that would suit not just my taste in swimsuits but for my body type as well. I must admit, first thing I look for in a swimsuit is the design and its color. Function and comfort never really mattered to me before. Lol

But when I got my goodies from Cesa, I was told that these swimsuits are not just all about the design but they’re all about form and function and even if you play sports in the beach or jump around in them, they will never come off. I actually did a few jumping jacks in them just to give it a spin. And yes, it never falls off. I love how the bandeau just sits right where you want it to so you’ll feel secure enough that your bandeau top won’t fall off. =)

Valencia ruffle bandeau bikini in Brasili print

You can also find them on:
Facebook page

Instagram: @cesaph

October’s 31 Days of Style

Care for some new reads this month of October?

Try ‘31 Days Of Style’ on This section features an all fashion related column with contributions from our very own local fashion bloggers. From fashion tips, fashion challenges to styling. Take inspiration from your favorite bloggers like Rhea Bue, Bea Benedicto, Aileen Belmonte and Verniece Enciso.


Anyway, I am also thrilled to announce to you guys that I was given a chance to be part of this lineup. I got super excited to receive an email from Candy asking me if i wanted to take part of this. Without a doubt, I said yes. So I guess I’ll have 31 days of style for the whole month of October all to myself.

Challenge accepted! =)

Click HERE.



Flaura Tiara flower crown

Got this beautiful flower crown from a visit to the Manila Sundance Bazaar last September 6 – 8. One of the best finds I got at the bazaar so far. I fell in love with this flower crown I bought two of ‘em! They’re so pretty I couldn’t resist!

In case you guys haven’t seen my blog post about the bazaar. Click here.


Romwe painting dress


Forever21 nude heels


Nothing beats a graphic printed dress. I choose not to over accessorize my whole look and wanted the flower crown and the dress to stand out on its own. Well, I was never really the type who loves to over accessorize myself with bangles, rings and necklaces. I tend to keep everything in just the right amount of bling whenever I dress up so that I wouldn’t look too drowned in hardware. Hihi!

I must admit, I collect a lot of accessories myself but I’m also having a hard time deciding which ones to wear for a certain outfit. I always end up with just a few and realize that I needed more of this and that. Haha! I suck at “excessorizing”. =)

Anyway, I do hope you like today’s look! Then again, have a great week guys! 

I know the sun must set to rise


Plush Clothing ombre top/ Forever21 shorts & belt/ Stradivarius bag


Ichigo x PINKaholic charice flats


Its flats day! Going for a comfy look for todays ootd. =)

Comfy flats, a flowy ombre top, nautical stripe shorts and a bucket bag. This type of look has always been my go-to outfit whenever I’m too lazy to dress up during a normal day of work. Especially nowadays that its been raining for the past few days, i’d pretty much prefer to be wearing flats instead of heels. Haha!

Anyway, notice i’ve been curling my hair lately? I realized how icky my hair looks whenever i take outfit shots and its all flat, frizzy and damaged. Ugh! Just looking at it is so frustrating. haha! So yeah, I’ve decided that i should curl my hair everyday even if i’m not shooting ootd’s. Effort much? haha! Yes. Well, except on super laaaaazy days. =p

Well, gotta go! Mwah!