Like tin foil

Bubbles feather necklace

PINKaholic metallic tunic/ Forever21 leather shorts

Asian Vogue bandage wedge

Outfit post! So today i wore my silver metallic top from PINKaholic. This is actually the first time that i got to wear this color. Paired it with leather shorts and some bandage wedge. Tadah! Look of the day. hehe!

I haven’t posted a look for days now but im glad that i get to post something else aside from daily outfit posts. I’m beginning to think that it would make my whole blog to look and feel boring. Don’t you think? hehe!

Anywaaay, i wont be here to blog next week (sad). I have a date with the family for valentines. Choz! haha! Goin out of the country.. Yaaay!

That’s all for now. Later guys! mwah!

Roaring Metallic

YSL easy bag/ Asian Vogue wedge

Topshop tiger top/ H&M metallic gold pants/ Forever21 cross earrings

…And so im back peeps! Time to post some major backlogs. haha! Anyway, just got back from a short vacay from Cebu yesterday.

About the look: Here’s what i wore last thursday when i left for cebu. Wasn’t able to blog about the look since i didn’t brought with me my lappy during the trip. Too heavy! Didn’t want any extra hand baggage with me and besides, i doubt it if i can even go online at the end of the day. Lol! Sooo, i finally got to wear my metallic gold pants and the top that i luuurve so much! hehe! I didn’t care if my outfit was too much for a daytime look. I just had to wear these pants! haha!

Later peeps! Missed yah! mwah!

Rain Over Me

I wanted to show you guys a photo of how Butuan looks like. Well a piece of it actually. hahaha!

Snapped this photo on my way home from the office. Looks like its gonna rain, again. =)

Now for my outfit post.. hehe! =)

AsianVogue wedges

Forever21 necklace

Forever21 cheetah print cardi/ Zara basic top/ Asian Vogue wedges/ Forever21 necklace

Rainy season is officially here in Butuan.. Bummerrrrr!!! Its been awhile since i last saw Mr. Sun.. I miss the usual sunny weather in Butuan, although i complain a lot about how hot it is and how it psychologically melts me to death. hahaha! BUT! Im still happy about the cold weather though. lol! It gives me an excuse to wear knits and jackets.. hehe!

Lateerrrrr.. mwah! =)