Blue Skies


Mango bag/ Charlotte Russe love necklace


Bershka heels

I have been obsessing over white heels lately, good thing I found the perfect pair from Bershka. Perfect heel height and design. Goes well with almost everything. New faves at the very moment!


Naked Clothing top/ Style Quench leather origami shorts


Our super “kulit” dachshund always joins me for a photo op. I’m sure you’ve seen her in one of my Instagram posts. hehe! Meet Piper. =)


Whew! Finally, I got the chance to catch the sun yesterday before it gets really dark and gloomy. Been having such a hard time finding time to shoot my ootd’s since it’s been raining like crazy here. And speaking of rainy season, ber-month has just started. Wow.. That was fast. Cold nights, rainy season and sweater weather. 

Two Way

A familiar piece? Got that right! I’ve come up with an idea of doing a two way look for this black kate romper from PINKaholic. My first take on this was more on going out to a party. Here I have come up with something more laid back and casual, perfect for an everyday look. 

PINkaholic kate romper/ Edge Co necklace

Birkenstock arizona/ H&M fringe backpack

I finally gave in! My sister and I just had to get one of these arizona, Birkenstock’s! Now we can’t stop wearing them. =)

Same romper, two ways. There is actually a ton of ideas and ways on how you could repeat an outfit without worrying or letting people wonder why you keep repeating what you wear. hehe! No pressure! Play it up and you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with. Styling

Hope you like this look! =)

Kick Start

PINKaholic aztec shorts/ Miss Mannequin top and chiffon cardigan

Mango fringe bag

Spruce paige flats in brown

It’s the beginning of a new week. Yes, It’s casual Mondays again and it’s time for a new outfit post! =)

The only thing I love about Mondays is the thought that I could put together a new outfit to start off my week. A fresh new start and the hopes of having an awesome week as well. I know a lot of the girls feel the same way about planning our outfits prior to mondays. It actually helps us put on a good mood since dressing up makes me happy. Hihi! I do hope it lasts all week though. Haha! 

By the way, need you’re help guys! I’m planning on changing my hair color again. Heheee! Don’t know what color I should go for. Should I go back to my old ash blonde color? What do you think? =)


I have to admit that I have been obsessing over too much floral patterns lately. I know summer is over but I still can’t get enough of this print. Still on the look out for more floral prints. Hoarding mode on. Hehe!

Daniel Wellington classic bristol watch

So here’s the thing, not gonna bother typing all the labels on each piece of clothing that I’m wearing for this ootd. Everything is from Forever21. Hihi! Don’t know what came into my mind but I just thought all the colors looked too cute not to wear. Never mind looking like a walking Forever21 mannequin. But I wouldn’t mind. Haha! I’m not really the type of person who’s picky on her clothes. I wear whatever I want as long as It’s of good quality and it suits my style.

Black & Lace


PINKaholic kate lace romper


Mom’s vintage clutch


Edge Co personalized layered necklace


Primadonna lace-up heels


Another all black ensemble from our recent PINKaholic collection. I posted a teaser of this on my IG yesterday and so here’s the full ootd blog post. Looks like I’m ready to party in this and It’s not even weekend yet. =p

Anyway, the romper is one one of my favorite pieces from the entire “Endless Summer” collection. The halter neckline and the lace detailing on the sides looks perfect as it adds a little sexiness to the whole look. And to top it off, a pair of laced up heels and a few accessories. I would also like to wear this with a black or white blazer on and some bling as well. What do you think?

Have a great week guys! =)


Forever21 cropped top/ Zara bag

Georgina Sasha dress/ Gold Dot jamie wedge 

Fashion Spice Manila necklace

If you’re wondering why I call this blog post “Waves”, blame it on the dress. It reminds me so much about summer, the flowy backless dresses we used to wear when it was time to hit the beach. I do think these flowy dresses have other purposes as well aside from being the perfect beach wear. I also like to wear them over my swimsuits and right after a good swim. 

Now that rainy season is here. I think I’ll have to wear a jacket or a vest for now. It’s starting to get really cold at night and I’m loving the cool weather. Although I wish It didn’t rain so much. Hihi!

Dog Days

Gotta love this doggie print dress from PINKaholic’s recent collection, Reign and Shine. Too cutesy! Buy HERE

Styling tips: Wear it with a pair of white slip-ons for a casual look. 

PINKaholic dress/ Topshop bag

Forever21 black pumps

Forever21 cuffs/ Topshop waist belt

Had to call this post “Dog Days” ‘cuz of the doggie prints on the dress and of course, the song “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machines just popped into my mind.

Anyway, dog days are definitely over for us here in the Philippines. Cold weather is coming in. Well, not exactly cold but I’d say wet season since it’s been raining like crazy lately. Perfect excuse to wear those knitted sweaters and ankle boots again. My favorite go-to outfit!

Stay safe and dry everyone! Mwah!