99 Problems


United Couture jersey shirt/ American Eagle shorts/ Urban Outfitters leather bag


Edge Co necklace


Birkenstock arizona in black leather


I have always wanted to try out these jersey T-shirt for the longest time now but I really didn’t have the guts to wear one since most of these types of shirts are designed to be a little oversized than your usual loose shirt. Want to pull off a Dani Song inspired look? I’m sure that everyone who follows her have seen how she dresses up in these types of look. Although I got a little hesitant since I looked like I’ve been worn by the shirt rather than me wearing the shirt. Lol

Anyway, this is just another one of my everyday laid back looks. Hope you guys liked it! And If you’ve seen my recent blog post wearing Birkenstocks and a lace black romper (Read blogpost), this one is a little more of a street style day to day look since I’m wearing a pair of denim cut offs, so It’s really something anyone can actually put together. Simple and very casual. =)

Spike Out

Ripples fringe top/ American Eagle white denim shorts

Zara aztec sling bag

World Balance chatter in light blue

One of my latest faves! The chatter slip-ons from World Balance. Can’t stop wearing them with almost all of my everyday outfits. They’re so comfy and versatile. Definitely a must-have!

Georgina Sasha round sunnies/ Forever21 spiked headband

Been wearing a lot of slip-ons lately in case you haven’t noticed. Haha! I’m obsessed with how comfy they are and how easy you could wear ‘em. Well It’s obviously the reason why they’re called slip-ons in the first place. =) 

Today’s ootd is another music festival inspired look. This is also my first blog post featuring my new “do”. Finally did the ombre look! I know It’s a little too late but you know what they say, better late than never. Hehe! And I think it goes well with my outfit too! =)

It’s a wasted youth

Gifi Clothing top/ Am Eagle denim cutoffs 

Oasap connector ring and spikes bracelet/ Mel’s Collection cross bracelet

Jeffrey Campbell damsel cross

Yay for holidays! Time for my Labor day ootd.. =)

This has got to be one of my favorite tops from my Gifi bag of goodies! Not only does it look good with these denim cutoffs and platform boots but if i were to wear this during the night, I’d probably wear a leather jacket over it to maintain the whole grunge/rocker chick vibe to it. Aaah.. If only we had winter season. 

Anyway, i hope you guys love todays look! Enjoy the rest of the day! =)

Just Break It


American Eagle shorts


Ecugo just break it hoodie/ Ray-ban wayfarers


Forever21 wedge sneakers


Sporty comeback for today’s ootd post!

This is actually the first time I’ve posted a look wearing a hoodie, shorts and a pair of wedge sneakers. Maybe i could go jogging in this minus the wedge sneakers. We don’t wanna break a leg, do we?

I still can’t believe i managed to post a look wearing these. =) Well, anyway, i think its nice to do an ootd post that features a laid-back vibe and of course, comfort with style. Speaking of comfort, notice the statement across the sweatshirt? I’m sure they made this up by putting humor into Nike’s highly recognized catch phrase, “JUST DO IT” and breaking the swoosh logo in half. Haha!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! =)