InLoveWithFashion dress

Topshop purse/ Aldo nude pumps/ Forever21 gold bracelet

PINKaholic gold necklace/ Forever21 gold belt / H&M ring

This dress makes me feel all so sweet and ready to go out on a date.. Lol! I wish boyfie was here.. I’d beg him to take me out. nyahaha! Love love love this dress and its tutu underneath the chiffon skirt. =)

Later guys! mwah! ❤

Red Hawt Kicks

Topshop oversized top/ Forever21 leather pants

Bubbles tassle necklace and ring/ Aldo watch

Folded&Hung shoes

Bubbles connector rings

Here’s todays look: Leather pants, an oversized top, some tassles and a pop of red hawt kicks. Choz! haha! I have always had a thing for leather.. i don’t know why. haha! I just think they look hot and never fails to give a whole outfit that rocker-ish feel to it. But! puh-leeez.. don’t overdo it. Anything short and leather is a definite no no. haha! Unless your dressed for halloween as the sexy cop. haha!

It’s the first Saturday of the year. What are your plans for today? hehe!

Oh by the way, Stellar Queen collection for PINKaholic is up on tuesday ladies! So get your alarms ready! =)

New Years Eve

Topshop top and skirt

Bubbles tassle necklace/ Forever21 cuffs

Zara purse

Aldo shoes

Its New years eve! Hope everyone is having a great time! How did you guys spend your last friday of the year 2011? Lol! Spent mine with some booze with friends last night. Haha! This week was a blast! I’d have to say. hehe!

Anywaaaay, heres my look of the day for new years eve.. Went out for lunch with  family at a chinese restaurant. I’m thinking of changing into another outfit for later but hmm.. naaah, nevermind..  i think my look is colorful enough to welcome a new year. hehe!


Love For Black

Forever21 ring and leaf cuffs/ Jean&Rosz studded bracelet/ elephant ring was a gift =)

Aldo wedges

Me off-cam. hahaha! T’was gloomy soooo… Test shot muna.. hehe!

okay, seryoso na to.. Emote mode. lol

Forever21 necklace/ Aldo watch

PINKaholic metallic button up top/ PINKaholic leopard shorts

Finally! Mr. Sun showed up today! But was still a little gloomy, oh well, atleast i got to take pictures just in time before all the dark clouds started to hover above me.. ugh! I hate the weather.

Anywaaaay, guess what i got from “hari ng padala” today?? haha!

Tadah!!! New kicks! Found the package waiting in the foyer. I literally ran down the stairs to see if it was for me. Well, yes.. it was. yeeey! haha! Grabbed the whole plastic bag and felt something sharp and bone-like thingy inside it. Of course.. i know what i was expecting inside my package of new goodies. hehe! I was right! my new babies has arrived! They are soooo Dsquared! I love’em! hehe! Thank you so much Kariza of Heel and Sole! My shoe fairy! lol! ❤ Will definitely do a look on these soon!

Later guys! mwah! =)

Gray Suede

Aldo gold watch/ Forever21 cross necklace

Topshop oversized top/ Topshop highwaist shorts/ Ray-ban wayfarers

Hi ladies! Leaving for manila tomorrow with wickedying! hehe! Hope to see ya’ll! Give me a tweet or something.. Just hit me up.. Id love to meet you! hehe! Soooo.. anyway, i still haven’t finished packing.. its my most hated part when im going out of town. Why is it so hard to pack? haha!

Anyway, lets talk about my look of the day. Ive had these shoes for quite a while now and this is the first time i took them out for a spin. And never thought they’d  be super comfy. Sadly, i forgot which online store i bought them.. basta, all i know and im sure its from multiply, haha!

Till next post ladies! mwah! See ya’ll! =)

Its pouring rain

DIY leopard cross shirt by yours truly.. =)

FivebyFive Olsen boots

Topshop leather jacket/ DIY leopard cross shirt/ Promod green pants/ Fivebyfive olsen boots/ Aldo bracelet

And so it was raining today and it feels like there’s a storm coming. lol! I hope not, i just want a weather that brings a little chilly atmosphere, not a storm. haha!

Anyway, i was feeling a little artsy these days if you’ve noticed, remember my last post about the DIY shorts i painted? Well, yeah i did another DIY, but this time its on these old white shirt. I ripped out strips of leopard print fabric and sewed it on the shirt.. its that simple everyone. haha! Ive been eyeing on this shirt design for awhile now. Been spotting a lot of bloggers on wearing shirts like these.. then i thought “hey, why not do it yourself?” right? Lol! =p

Till next post ladies! Hope you like my DIY shirt! hehe! =)