Edge Co necklace


CMG sandals


Forever21 denim vest/ PINKaholic top and skort


I’ve actually noticed something about how I dress up nowadays, I’m beginning to get super attached with a pair of flats. Like literally anything that are flats, or even slippers for that matter. And I don’t think I need to explain why a lot of people love flats. Hehe! But I do miss wearing heels and I still like to wear my babies out for a spin once in a while so they won’t get shabby from storing them for too long on the shelves. We don’t want that, do we? Nope. We don’t even want to see them get all dirty.

Anyway, It’s Monday again. How did you guys spent your weekend? Hope you had fun, as per usual. hehe! Have a great day everyone! =)

Ziba Collection

I found this great online site that sells accessories called Ziba Collection. I love how their pieces are able to achieve a classic feel to it and make it look modern as well. 

I am actually one of those girls out there who prefers gold pieces to accessorize. I think Ziba Collection is perfect for us since majority of their items are in gold statement pieces which i love love love!  

Take your pick on these lovely pieces i have put together!


Find them on:


New In: 11.05.12

Look what came in to my mail! =)

Dominique, a newly opened online shop that sells accessories from necklaces to rings. The prices you ask? Pocket friendly! Rings are priced at php75! I say that’s a pretty reasonable price for a ring. Wait, I don’t wanna spoil the fun but you’ll have to check out the rest of their collection and don’t forget to like their page! =)

Check out their tags! So cute! Its like one of those tickets in the movies. Hehe!

…And it comes with a note. Sweet! ❤

I’ve always had a thing for collecting accessories and all the little-est stuff that you can actually wear in order to look accessorized *wink*. Although i don’t really pile them up so much i still like to stock them up in my dresser. Call me a hoarder but i like looking at them sparkly things. Lol! You never know when you’re gonna need them. Uhmm.. that would be everyday. Haha! I also tend to get pretty attached to just one accessory and use it over and over. So far my current fave has started to tarnish and it has turned into a yucky discolored golden whatever-color-that-is. Hihi!

Thank you so much Dominique! ❤