Kylie Lipkits & Gloss… AND major comeback!


Oh my God. Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Writing at this very moment feels… weird.

Well, it was ONLY a year ago since the last time I posted something here on my blog so yeah, no big deal. :p Hubby kept bugging me about blogging again and I think this is the perfect shot for me to do a “comeback”.



A blogpost about the most raved about lipkits in the whole world. Not only is it named after a member of the Jenner family but its Kylie Jenner, people! :p Relax… They’re just lip products. But not just any gunk you put on your lips, they are Kylie Lipkits. They’re vegan too, so for all you vegans out there, this is for you.

I know they cost a few dimes than your usual matte lipsticks but for someone like me who loves trying out all these lippies that people go crazy about, I’m willing to make an exception. Mine was given to me by my sister tho. Haha! Speaking of my sister, have you seen her blog? If not, then you are definitely missing out, honey. Haha! Check out Sheiloves for more about the Kylie lipkits & Gloss. Her post has more shades featured so do check out her blog and you know, look around a bit, subscribe to her, that sorta thing. I’m sure you’ll love her OOTD’s and the rest of her blog contents. And the amazing fact that our mom actually took some of her OOTD photos (never knew our mom had an eye for photography). Hehe! Sorry if I’m feeling a little too enthusiastic. It’s just that I can’t believe I’m writing a blogpost in one hand while putting the baby to sleep on the baby bouncer. :p

(Photo above wearing Kylie Gloss in Like)


Candy K on sis and Literally gloss on me


Posie K on my sister and Mary Jo K on me


Koko K on my sister and True Brown on me


Well, you know me and my love for all things dark. So True Brown is my ultimate fave among all the other shades.


Here are the runners up on my list of faves. On my sister is Exposed and Dolce on me.

In other news, I just recently opened up a new found biz selling makeups and stuff. So if you’re looking to find some more Kylie Lipkits and gloss, visit Beautystash on Instagram. Everything there is authentic I can assure you. Don’t ever buy fake cosmetics guys, you never know what they put in there that might give you all sorts of skin problems. NO TO FAKE COSMETICS! Buy from legit sellers! Buy from BeautyStash! Haha! Hashtag failed attempt on advertising.:p

Till my next post! I’m happy to be back!

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