Laboracay 2015

The cherry on top of my Summer 2015! Got our tickets months before the month of May and my friends and I couldn’t wait for Labor day since then.



PINKaholic cassandra top in white/ Topshop moto shorts/ Stradivarius bucket bag/ Flyshades sunglasses


blog16 blog14

Got our candy colored Nestea tumblers for the Nestea event!


I realized we didn’t have a lot of decent photos. Just a bunch of selfies and a lot of blurry ones. Haha!


Cesa Leia neoprene bikini set in mint


I have always wanted to see the sunset in Boracay. So on our last day in Boracay, we decided to take a walk on the beach which we really haven’t done since we got there. Good thing the rain stopped so we were able to take pictures during sunset.


Pre-game! Drinks before Knife Party!


I think Knife Party was the best. Hands down to them! What do you think?



Sander Van Doorn for our second night!

Funny how it rained hard around 2am. I don’t really know how to explain this but it was a perfect timing to freshen up ourselves after a hot and humid weather. Steaming hot I should say. So at the party, I’m not really the type that would just stand on the side and just be one of the onlookers. I prefer to join in with the crowd, nevermind all the icky sweat. Haha! We were literally in a wet party. Thank goodness it rained. Seriously, we all needed it. 🙂 blog20blog9

Cesa bridge knot bikini in tropical bliss 


So yeah, that was actually my 3rd visit to Boracay and my first time to experience Laboracay as well. I must say, It was one of the best party places I have ever been. Food was great compared to the last time I visited which was like ages ago. Haha! Clearly that was how beach parties should be thrown and I am so happy they got to fly in Knife Party for the Nestea event. It was sooo worth it!

On the down side though, I hated how crowded the beach was. It was definitely not a place for small children especially during Laboracay season. Another thing was, we all know how filthy the beach waters are in Boracay. I’m pretty sure water pollution is one of the main problems in Boracay and the coastal waters are not safe for swimming due to poor water sewage facilities. We all know that this was already raised as a concern over Boracay’s waste disposal and sewage system.

Sorry guys, I didn’t really wanna burst your bubble but I think It’s better to give everyone a heads up on this problem. That way maybe at least we can help spread the word on helping them keep the island clean by encouraging people to throw their trash at designated garbage bins. In our own little way we can help keep Boracay clean since we all know Boracay is considered as one the most beautiful places here in the Philippines and we’d like to keep it that way. On the brighter side, I heard they have ongoing construction of the sewage treatment plant. I do hope the island gets help soon. Anyway, I’m not trying to bad mouth Boracay, it just concerns me a lot how it gotten to this point wherein people would call the island “too polluted”. Partly, yes… but we can’t deny that It’s one  of our most famous summer destinations. People from all over the world visit Philippines just to see this island. Let’s help keep it clean. 🙂

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