Darkest Summer




Pink Manila cut out romper

Rompers are also one of my closet must-haves. Easy to style and accessorize. Just pick out the perfect shoe that goes with it. For this, I chose not to wear too much accessories. I wanted it to look simple in all black matched with a few gold details on the bag and on my flats.


Zara flats/ Balenciaga bag


Can’t believe that It’s already the last month of vacay and It’s back to school again.. Well, except for me of course. Haha! 😀 I just remembered how sad it felt when school opening gets closer and closer every week and I have to say bye bye to summer and hello books. 😦  Oops, didn’t mean to be such a party pooper. Don’t mind me. Hehe! 🙂

Anyway, lets’s talk about todays ootd. 🙂 Then again, this has been long overdue since this was when I visited Cebu last April. So I know that we’re in the middle of summertime but I think this black cut out number is still perfect for the season since rompers and cut outs combined together will definitely make a perfect summer outfit.

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