Living Legend

Balenciaga bag

Zara denim button down and boots/ Topshop shorts  

Topshop bralet/ Forever21 necklace

To everyone asking about my lippie, It’s the Mac Living legend. I am sooo obsessed with dark lippies nowadays I can’t stop reapplying them every time I do a face check in the mirror. Haha! This dark invasion is  making me wanna toss out all the pink ones and replace them with an army of darkness. haha!

Here are my favorites from Mac: Living Legend, Dark Side, Cyber, Dubonnet, Sin.

Enjoy! 🙂


Another look from my weekend trip to Manila for my sisters birthday last month. Yes, last month. Sorry for bombarding you with tons of backlogs and super late posts. Hehe! Believe me, I’m also having a hard time catching up on things and deciding on whether I should post these looks. Why? Because It’s summer already and I think my outfits are not so summer worthy. Haha! Oh don’t mind me, I just really tend to overthink on a lot of things. 😀

So how did you guys spent the long weekend? I spent my holyweek at home… Staycation, Oh yeah. I had so much fun. Eat, sleep, movie, repeat. Haha! That’s how I spent my weekend. I do hope everyone had fun though. Don’t worry, summer has just started. We still have a long way to go. Hehe! =D

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone! 🙂

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