In My Sneaks

New Balance sneakers

    Forever21 knit cropped top/ Mags denim shorts/ Balenciaga bag  Whew! Can’t believe I’m wearing sneaks! 😀

These are my first pair of New Balance sneakers. I know, I’m probably a little behind on the trend but who cares? I want my own pair of New Balances. Everybody needs a good pair of sneakers, right? Doesn’t even matter if you workout or jog at least you have a pair that might just come in handy when you need them.

Some styling tips? Well you’ve probably seen a lot of it from the many fashion queens sporting the same sneaker trend. And I would most probably wear it in a similar way. But if I were to style it, I’d definitely go for something that looks minimal. A pair of denim cut offs and cropped tops, plain white dresses or just about anything that would complement both colors and prints. It’s really just a matter of experimenting with what goes well with your pair of kicks. 🙂

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