Hey Mickey



Ripples mickey top/ Forever21 denim cutoffs


Let’s do a little chit chat shall we? =p

The studded bag was actually owned by a friend of mine. Last year, she gave it to me as a birthday gift since I kept bugging her on how much I liked it and told her to give it to me instead. Haha! You know how much I love leather and studs right? And so did she, so on my birthday, she wrapped it up nicely and told me that her gift wouldn’t be much of a surprise anymore. I already knew what was inside the gift bag the minute I got hold of it. Haha! Thank you, Moppet! =)


Karazapatos hot for summer in black

One of my favorites from the many pairs of Karazapatos shoes that I’ve received as gifts. It’s comfy, versatile and goes well with anything. I am literally swimming in Kara shoes! =) This one is definitely on my list of favorites which I will be posting very soon. A blog post dedicated to Karazapatos.

Thank you so much Karazapatos!


Hope you guys enjoyed todays post! Stay tuned for my top 10 Karazapatos favorites! =)

Have an awesome week! =)

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