A Sky Full Of Stars



Forever21 nude heels


Jelly Bean sequined cocktail dress


For makeup, I went for something light and fresh with neutral shades for the eyes, a coral blush matched with pink lippies. I always think that pink lips are the most appropriate color for every prom look. It’s youthful and pretty. Girls will always look pretty in pink!

I also had to put up my hair in a messy bun to show off the details on the dress since I didn’t want to cover up the top part of the bodice. So I kept it clean by letting the sequins and necklace stand out.


Sequins and chiffon… A perfect match for that most awaited prom night. Only from Jelly bean!


Rarelove Jewelry necklace


Another prom look for prom season. Still wishing I could bring back those times wherein me and my friends spent weeks planning and designing our prom dresses. Although we could only wear pink as a Junior and blue on our Senior year. Yeah, a bit boring since we couldn’t choose the colors that we wanted. However, I’m still glad we got to experience prom during high school.

Have a wonderful prom night, ladies! =)

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