Paradise Treats top and skirt

This type of print reminds me so much on how I used to play with watercolors and I always end up getting my paper drenched in water until it came out as something very similar to this. Has anyone ever done the same thing as I did during their childhood days? Hehe! If I knew this print would have been a hit in the future I would have made it into a master piece. Haha!

H&M canvas bag

Karazapatos blush pink flats

Time for a weekend #ootd! Another summer ready look for today. Speaking of summer, I’ve been having a hard time catching up with the sun again. I only get to shoot right after work when the sun is about to say bye bye. I’m like always racing back home to shoot my ootd’s and stuff. And that’s why I can’t wait for the upcoming summer season wherein daytime becomes longer than usual. Yay! =p

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