I know I’m a little too early for Valentines day, but hey, It’s never too early to lay out outfit plans for future use. Hehe! I’m just gonna go ahead and give out some ideas on what to wear on a date. Not just on Valentines but on any planned gatherings or just about any dinner dates. image

Topshop white blazer/ Forever21 chain necklace


A dress is always a perfect choice for any gatherings. May it be a date or a family affair. But of course, you should always consider the venue and what the occasion is. But for me, I always go for dressy ensembles that’s appropriate for any occasions like, cocktail dresses and long flowy maxi dresses.

Just like this dress from Fab Clothing. I am also fond of wearing form fitting dresses or as many would call it, the Bodycon dress. Sleek silhouettes, they never fail to bring in drama in any occasion. They’re classy and it follows the contours of the body and with the right cut and style, it can even help give you shape and instant sexy curves.


Fab Clothing knit bodycon dress


Mango clutch/ Forever21 heels


Have a great week everyone! =)

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