Celine trapeze bag

Tonic flats

Daniel Wellington watch/ Oasap necklace/ Romwe shorts

Pink Manila top

One major ootd backlog! Hihi! My apologies. =(

This is from a few weeks ago when we went to Davao for the weekend. Crap! I can’t even remember when. I’m so bad at remembering things. Haha! Anyway, Aside from spending a day in Davao, I also got to hoard a lot of muchies from S&R. Yay! I’m sorry for being too ecstatic about it but It’s the nearest S&R I can get to here in Mindanao. Hehe!

Anyway, Christmas has passed.. Time for the new year! Kumusta naman ang mga kaon nato? Hahaha! I’m sooo gaining weight like crazy! I can’t stop eating during the holidays! So hard to say “NO” to all these sweets and oh, yeah, lechon. =p

Happy holidays guys! I hope you all enjoy the food as much as I do. Haha! =)

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