Closet Bazaar Butuan + Balay Silonganan ’14

It was indeed a very successful event. Not bad for a first timer like ourselves. Hihi! Yes, It was our first time to organize something that would gather all sellers and friends from Butuan and invite them as our bazaar concessionaires. Good thing everyone was game with the idea of putting up our own first closet bazaar in the city wherein everyone could shop brand new clothes and preloved stuffs as well.

Never did we expect that a lot of people would actually flock to our event!


image image image

We invited the “Duran” sisters to sing us a few songs as well. I’m sure you’ve seen them on national television and on Youtube. These girls can really sing!!!

image image image image image

My sister, Sheila and our beautiful event host and Youtube beauty guru, Juselle Roble.


With the “Duran” sisters! And we are all decked out in PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe.

image image

Before we even came up with the idea, it was already our yearly tradition that my sister and I would organize our own garage sale and part of our sales goes to charity. Finally we’ve come up with something that everyone could join. Thank God we raised enough money from the tickets we sold, concessionaires and of course, the people who were nice enough to extend their help and support to our cause. It was more than enough to make the children of Balay Silonganan (Home for the street children) happy. I was touched by how much happiness they felt during our visit.

image image image

Giggles!!! =p

My nephew having a little chitchat with the kids.

image image image

Their most requested game… “Stop-Dance”. We all burst out laughing when they started dancing “Budots”! Haha! Don’t know if you guys are familiar with that type of music. Search it on youtube if you want to hear it. Hehe! =)

image image

Gift giving!!!

image image

The also sang us a few Christmas songs as their way of saying thank you to us.

image image

We chose Balay Silonganan since we always believed that Christmas has always been very exciting for the kids. I myself as a kid, have always loved Christmas season. Now that we are blessed with what we have today, it is time for us to give back and share our blessings to those who do not have enough. It may not have completed their Christmas wishes but at least we are able to help them smile and feel the Christmas spirit. It’s the most wonderful time of the year indeed! =)

Merry Christmas everyone! =)

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