Topshop belt/ Louis Vuitton neverfull

Forever21 striped shorts/ Mango top

Karazapatos flats

All comfy and relaxed… My much preferred daily office wear and of course, one gigantic bag to top it off. Although I don’t really have any outfit restrictions at work, I still prefer to go for something office-y. Something more appropriate for work. But still it all depends on my mood on what I would like to wear on that certain day.

In other news, I know we are all aware of the upcoming super typhoon ‘Ruby’ and how close it’s approaching Philippines. Wickedying and I were suppose to leave tomorrow for Manila to attend Bloggers United 8 this Sunday. However, when weather forecasts expect rainy weather on the week of your flight. That’s definitely a red flag. Even my mom texted me not to leave for Manila tomorrow. I know it’s pretty sad to miss out Bloggers United 8 and also the chance to meet everyone at the event again. But I think we’ll have to cancel our weekend plans for now… Safety first!

Stay safe and dry everyone and let’s all pray for everyone else’s safety…

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