Flyshades sunglasses/ Daniel Wellington watch

Karazapatos blue suede pumps

There’s always something about blue suede pumps that I love so much. I got my first pair of high heeled ones and I couldn’t stop wearing them. They add so much character in any outfit. Thanks to Karazapatos, I got myself a new pair of new royal blue kicks in medium heel. Perfect for casual looks without hurting a toe. =)

H&M top/ Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag

Vaintage jada jeans

New favorite jeans! Another pair I will surely be wearing over and over till it gets worn out. Hihi!

Finding it so hard to shoot looks lately since we’re having a bad, bad weather here in Butuan. I mean c’mon, we always prefer natural sunlight when shooting our ootd’s, right? The sun has always been my very best friend ever since I started blogging. I rarely do shoots at night since I prefer clear shots of every detail of what I’m wearing…Or maybe I just really suck at editing photos. =)

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