Pursuit of Happiness


Forever21 necklace


I easily get bored and my hair has always been my main target to relieve boredom.I like to change my hair color every now and then if you’ve noticed. Grow it out and if I get a little crazy I chop it off without having second thoughts.

Ever heard of a belief wherein they say if you’ve had your hair grown so long for years, you had to at least trim it to get rid of stress and all the negativity? I don’t know about that but I know cutting off hair and changing your hair color is called “pamper-me-day” and its definitely a stress reliever. Haha!


PINKaholic off shoulder jumpsuit


Forever21 nude heels


Todays ootd… Lovin’ this off shoulder jumpsuit shorts from our very own PINKaholic. These are actually of the easiest type of clothing you can put on. Slip it on, add on some accessories and a pair of kicks and you’re good to go. 

Summer may be over but the color and its print would still be appropriate even if its off-season. I may sound silly, but I get a little nuts about wearing prints that are off-season. I feel like It’s a bad thing since I have to deprive myself from wearing the colors and prints that I want. But not all the time ‘cuz in the end I still get to wear what I want. So I don’t really follow the necessary rules. Hihi!

Enjoy the weekend guys! Mwah!

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