Bloggers United x Sunsilk

As promised, a separate blog post for Bloggers United x Sunsilk Bazaar held last May 10. Another fun filled day at the bazaar! 

Here’s a short documentation of how it all went. 

Keep scrolling! =)


Our all PINKaholic outfits! =)


Group pic for the booth “tinderas” haha! Me, Wickedying, Agnes and my niece Lygea. =)

Booth neighbors! Bea Benedicto! =)


Jefferson Yarra or IamResonating! 


Paxie and a PINKaholic goodie bag! Thanks for having us dear! =)


It’s Tracy AysonWelcome back gorgeous! hehe! =)


Coolest sibling ever! Gem and Argie! Thanks for dropping by our booth! Mwah!


Summer Lovin’ goodies from Eika Swimwear! Thank you so much, Erika! =)


If you guys checked out the FlyShades booth, I’m sure you won’t miss out on scoring some of their awesome sunnies on display at the bazaar! 


Yummy Dairy Queen Nutella blizzards!!!

Of course, BU wouldn’t be complete without the fun games hosted by its sponsors! Wickedying and I were able to join the Nescafe challenge! Too funny! haha! =)

And that’s a wrap! I guess I’ll see you all again on the next Bloggers United soon! That’s Bloggers United 8! Thank you all for your never ending support for all the bloggers who are part of this event. =) And of course, for the BU team and sponsors for having us as well! hihi! =)

Have a great week everyone! =)

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