2013 Instagram Favorites

So, I have compiled some of my most favorite Instagram moments for 2013. These are just some Instagram photos that I have captured using my phone or as some of us would call it “Instagramable” (at least for me.. lol) or whatever you guys like to call it. imageFirst photo is at the Alesso concert which was the second birthday gift he got me. The biggest concert I have ever been to. Infact, It’s the first and the BIGGEST concert I ever went to. I went crazy I almost broke my phone!  And the crowd was amazing! 

Second photo, is during my birthday dinner with boyfie, his sister Patricia and their Auntie Colleen. Thank you for the birthday treat guys! =)


Just another obligatory outfit shot whether it’s in front of a mirror or a high angled shot. We all do it. Hehe!


San Franisco! Me and boyfie at the Embarcadero Center. And of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. =)


Street art photos of me and boyfie.

Boyfie’s photo is somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. Mine is outside the famous Ben’s Chilli Bowl where Pres. Obama ate. 


Ready to go! From San Francisco to Los Angeles. 


My first snow! I love it! It’s sooo beautiful! I don’t know why boyfie hates it so much… =)


Sin City! Las Vegas baby! Everything just reminds me of the Hangover movie. 


Everybody loves a good nail art photo. We, I mean girls… We all do this as well. Snap photos of our newly painted girly nails. =)


No, I’m not pulling wickedying’s hair… Just simply fooling around. 

And oh.. Cupcakes at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery!


We all love a good this-is-what’s-for-breakfast photo. Hehe!


A good fashion book deserves a space on every girls book collection.

Second photo. Flew to Manila for my visa interview. Hihi!


Juicy Burger,one of the best burgers I have ever had was in Los Angeles, along hollywood blvd right across Eva Longoria’s restaurant, Beso. 

Second photo. I was able to capture a beautiful afternoon in Beverly Hills…


Need I say more?


In 2013, I also got to travel to Singapore with my family. Here’s a beautiful sunset in Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore. 


Beer and tequila sessions with drinking buddies. Lol


Frozen yogurt on a cold day. 

Second photo. Just a random one boyfie took while we were at a gas station.


Selfies. And more selfies. =)image

Some vintage coke signs at a store we stopped by on our way back to Vegas from the Grand Canyon.

Second. Yes, first time I saw New York. That’s the New York Central Park. I got sooo *kilig* when I saw it. Haha!


My babies! Gucci and Fendi. Hehe!


Some ootd shots. Taken at Union Square in San Francisco and one waiting for the elevator with boyfie. Haha!


A PINKaholic photo shoot moment.

Phone case with a photo of my Papa and Mama on their honeymoon. 

imageSpent one night chilling at IOTA Club & Cafe listening to Miss Tess. They are amazing!

Yes that’s me on halloween! Hehe! Some guy asked me if I was Pocahontas… Like wtf? What planet are you from? Haha!image

Brunch at Juju Eats! Yummy veggies!

A super packed NAIA airport waiting lounge. 


Late lunch at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.

Amazing view of Alexandria!

imageIsn’t it obvious that I love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? =)

Second photo was taken on new year along Old Town, King st. after the fireworks display at the waterfront. It was my first time to celebrate and welcome New Year with hundreds of people. I almost cried while I watched the fireworks!

Well, that’s a wrap for my favorite instagram moments for the year 2013. =)

Hope you can follow me on Instagram! Hehe! =)

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