Goodbye 2013!

Just a recap on how my year 2013 went. =)


I had amazing opportunities to work with people whom I never thought I’d work with one day. A chance to be featured in a magazine or an online magazine and do online interviews as well. It may not be that huge but I am very grateful for the chance to be chosen to be part of those things. I love fashion blogging and being able to be recognized for it is such a wonderful feeling. Aside from that, how else would you get that chance if it weren’t for the people behind it? You get to work and develop friendship with people from around the world. It’s just amazing to meet a lot of new friends even though you are miles away from them. 

I think year 2013 for me was really amazing, I managed to continue blogging although I know I have the tendency to slack off most of the time or If I must say, I’m just being a little lazy. So anyway, as cliche as it may sound, 2013 opened a lot of doors for me and my blog. And on the same year I got my US visa and I also got to use it right away. Haha! Thanks Pa & Ma for letting me travel to my dream destination. Hehe! Mwah! And when I got to my dream destination there was boyfie as well, I could not thank you enough for all that you have done fore me. Travelling with you is amazing and I really had the time of my life! Mwah!

And of course, I want to thank all my readers for the sweetest comments you always leave for me here and the never ending support for my blog. Blog sponsors for being the sweetest and most nicest people I have ever met. Thank you my lovelies! =)

Hmmm… How time flies. In just a few hours, we will all be welcoming year 2014. A brand new year for all of us. Another chance for us to continue or start up something good. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Cheers to that! 

Although for some of us Filipinos, 2013 wasn’t as good or they weren’t as fortunate as some of us are. Those who were affected by tragic incidents from natural disasters had to endure a lot of anguish from what happened, let alone political screw-ups. But behind all that, I watched the news on TFC and saw that they are slowly getting back on their feet and are able to regain their smiles again which is really a great thing. 

Cheers to a new year ahead of us!!!

Happy New Year everyone! 


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