Let It Snow


Romwe doggie print sweater/ Zara pants/ Call It Spring wedge sneakers

image image

Romwe parka/ Coach bag


First day of snow! And of course, my first as well! Been waiting for this for a long time, finally got to experience my first white Christmas. Funny thing was that I was the only one who was actually happy about the snow while everyone else seems to be pretty pissed about it. Haha! Yaay snow! Lol.

So for todays ootd… I wore my new favorite parka that I got from Romwe. I love how it keeps me warm even if I just wear a sweater underneath it and that’s it. Maybe it’s because of the quilted fabric or I don’t know.. as long as it keeps me warm in this super cold weather then I’m good with it… but of course, without sacrificing style. C’mon guys, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort this winter season. 

Speaking of winter season… It’s almost Christmas day!!! Merry Christmas my lovelies! Have a great holiday season! =)

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