Fashionbandwagon goes to Los Angeles

Oops… Sorry guys! This will be another blogpost flooded with photos from my recent trip to Los Angeles. I have no idea on how to break down the number of photos I have been wanting to show to you.

Did you ever had that feeling of wanting to just upload a few photos but having a really hard time picking out the best ones since you took like… what? Thousands of photos in just one place? That’s what I felt while I was doing this blog post. Hmph… Anyway, here it goes… =)

 Good morning! We are so ready for a loooong road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

 Look at that view! Indescribable… Simply breathtaking.

I was glad we took a road trip going to L.A. I got to see more of west coast and a good look at its nature aside from the cities itself. 

 First breakfast in Los Angeles. I love a good all-american diner. Goodbye diet! =p


Ever heard one of those Filipino jokes wherein you’re eating something so good you end up forgetting your own name? Haha! Then you have got to try Juicy Burger when you visit L.a. It was sooo good! This was right across Eva Longoria’s restaurant, Beso. Hehe! 

Oh, Hello Hollywood Blvd. =)


The famous House of Blues.

I love milkshakes so I was pretty bummed I wasn’t able to try Millions of Milkshakes. =(

And of course, how could anyone forget about Rodeo Dr.?

Sorry, I just had to include this Bugatti. Haha!

Cheesecake break at no other that the Cheesecake Factory. And some milkshake as well. hehe! =)

Oh. Hi bibiboy. Hehe!

You guys know how much I love the movie Pretty Woman. Finally got to see the actual Beverly Wilshire! =)

Beautiful sunset!

This is so beautiful and I know I have seen this in a movie but I can’t remember which one. Let me know… Hehe!

Another street food in L.A which I have been craving for up until now. These were the best! Boyfie and I even tried making one of these hoping we’d be able to replicate everything from its taste and how it looks. Haha! Not even close. =p

Yes, I am a huge fan! =p

So when did Spiderman had his own sidekick? 

Don’t tell me you don’t recognize any of them? Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost guys! Mwah! =)

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