Chloe’s Cafe in San Francisco

Don’t you just hate long waiting lines at restaurants? Waiting lists that takes minutes or even hours just to be seated? Well.. When you’re at Chloe’s Cafe in San Francisco, patience pays off. They serve traditional all-american breakfast and brunch. I think they also serve lunch and dinner as well but I’m actually glad we went there for breakfast. Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day. Though I really hate waking up early in the morning. Haha!

I also heard that Chloe’s Cafe is a very famous neighbourhood cafe in Noe Valley at Church street. Known for its breakfast meals from buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs to french toasts. Definitely a must-try when you are in San Francisco.

imageimageimageimageimageimage I love how they kept the whole place looking very cozy and “homey”. Old-fashioned table cloths, chairs, kitchen cupboards and coffee mugs. Although the place seemed a bit too tiny inside, you can also choose to be seated outside especially on a beautiful sunny day.


I know breakfast food may seem too simple for me to rave about how good it was. But seriously, when I say its good, it’s really good. In fact, the food was great! No wonder they managed to have long waiting lines outside the cafe. 

My favourite? The avocado and cheese scrambled eggs and their buttermilk pancakes. 


In other matters… Hehe! I reeeeaaaally love how most business establishments here in the US allow pets inside restaurants, coffee shops and malls. Look at this cutie right here!

P.S Many thanks to our lovely friends Fiona, Karyl and Memo for taking us to Chloe’s Cafe and of course, around San Francisco. Mwah! =)

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