Fashionbandwagon goes to San Francisco

If you guys have been following me on instagram I’m sure you have seen a lot of my posts that I have been around the west coast for the last two weeks. This will be my first blog post about my trip to San Francisco which was actually the first stop for our trip to the west coast.

I’ll let the photos speaks for itself… Start scrolling! Enjoy! =p


Golden Gate! Nice to finally meet you up close and personal! 


These were the exact replicas for the cups used inside the prison. Cool! =)


The cutest little souvenirs!


And of course, the famous Lombard Street. Sorry, guys, this was the only photo I got since we weren’t allowed to stop. But it was pretty amazing that along these narrow roads, people actually live in these houses and park their cars here. 


From all these photos, I thought I’d only see them on TV or in photos. I still couldn’t believe I have set foot in San Francisco! Such a beautiful city! 

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