Cable Car

Wetseal leather jacket & top/ Topshop denim shorts/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

Balenciaga bag

So how do I start this blog post? Then again, I have been away for so long I have piled up hundreds of photos on my laptop and camera but just didn’t have the time to blog since we were actually on a non-stop trip around west coast. Having only 4hours of sleep almost every night resulted into having 2 huge bags right under my eyes. Haha!

So anyway, first stop was in San Francisco. I’ll be doing a separate blog post for that. For now, I’m just gonna do an ootd come back. Hehe! I haven’t blogged an outfit post for so long now and I feel like I am being sooo left out in the blogosphere. I must admit, I haven’t been doing my  duties and I hope you won’t hate me for that. Huhu! Sorry guys! (peace!) =) Will try to update you every now and then. I have tons of photos and stories to share to you. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! =)

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