What’s New on Urban Decay? (Must have!)

Okay so I know that we’ve all been obsessing over getting naked this past few years and a lot of us girls have been raving non-stop about this product. So here’s a recap on why we love to get naked. Haha!


I am so in love with this palette I bring it with me wherever I go especially when I travel. The packaging is so slim I can just slip it right inside my makeup bag and it has all the colors I need from neutrals to dark shades. This is like the ultimate must-have eyeshadow palette for every girl out there.

If you’ve read some of my makeup tutorials you’ll notice that this is what I am always using or sometimes I like to combine it with other eyeshadow brands. 


Hmm.. The Naked 2 palette. Never actually got this one and I don’t know why I didn’t, by the way. So I can’t really talk much about this one. Haha! I think I should get one asap just so I won’t get left behind on this naked craze. Lol 

By the way, for those who have this, do let me know what you think about this one and if I should get it or should I just wait for the Naked 3 palette. Hehe! Comment below or email me. I’d love to know what you think. =)


And finally…Yaaaay! The Urban Decay Naked palette now on its third installment! I am super super excited about this. And I love the new design of the packaging too. Looks classy!


I’ve noticed that majority of the colors are in pink tones and neutrals and it’s exactly what got me into this new naked palette. Unlike the first 2 palettes, which has more darker shades and browns. I think this one has a lot of lighter (girly) colors like the pink and rosy tones with a little shimmer. Ugh, I am so bad at describing colors so nevermind. Don’t let me ruin the moment. Haha! 

Anyway, aren’t you all excited about this? I am! Hehe!

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