My Five Guys Experience

Let’s talk about food… I think it’s been awhile since i’ve blogged about food or even posted pictures of food. Well, here’s one for today. =)

So I have always been a sucker for junk food, particularly “Burgers and pizzas”. Why I consider it as junk food? ‘Cuz it’s covered in fat, calories, it’s cooked in waaay too much oil and it always comes from fast food places. But wait, why am I trying to discourage you guys from attacking a deliciously cooked hamburger? Admit it, you love burgers. Haha!


I always hear a lot of people from the States rave about how good the burgers are at Five Guys. Well, being a huge fan of burgers, visiting Five Guys was on my “Must-try list”.


And its here! Wrapped up in shiny tin foil and a cup overflowing with fries.. I actually don’t get why they bothered to put in a cup when half of it were all laying out inside the bag. Haha!


The best indeed! Just the way I want it… The melting cheese is always the best part for me! 


Best fries ever! I don’t know why but there’s something about their fries that makes it taste so good. Believe me ‘cuz usually when I order burger with fries on the side, the fries always gets left out just sitting in a bag or I end up feeding it to my dogs. But this? I had to finish every stick! =p


Notes and doodles from people who have visited Five guys! Look for ours, Lol. hehe! =)

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