Minnie Me


PINKaholic minnie mouse sweater/ OOTD Pilipinas neon skater skirt


Onecklace customized name necklace

Want one? You guys might want to check on Onecklace. It’s an online jewelry shop that manufactures customized name necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings at the best quality made from precious metal.

Been wearing this necklace since the day I got it from the mail and fell in love with it ever since. This gold plated necklace came all the way from Israel. It actually came in with a cute little jewelry box perfect for gifts as well. Speaking of gifts, this is one great gift idea for the upcoming Christmas season. =)


Topshop booties


Loving the back portion of this sweater! Plus, a little tip: Its an oversized sweater so it goes perfectly with a pair of leather pants or leggings. Want a comfy look? Try a maxi skirt or a midi perhaps. =)


Another sweater season look for today’s ootd. It’s fall season and its time to bring out those sweaters and cardigans to keep you warm throughout this cool weather. But for those who live in a tropical country like me, relax… We won’t have that anytime soon. Haha! For our side of the globe we’ll just  have to deal with a few rainy days and thunderstorms. But at least it gets a little cold during Christmas. Hehe!

Have a great week! =)

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