Sweater Season


Gifi Clothing sweater


PINKaholic necklace & white frill skirt


Case Me Store samsung s3 hardcase

So as an android user, I’ve been really having a hard time finding phone cases for my Samsung S3. And as we all know, while millions of IPhone cases are flooding the market with different designs. It’s pretty sad that Samsung users are not getting the same treatment. Haha!  So when CaseMeStore emailed me if they could send me a few cases, I was actually amazed by the amount of choices she has for S3 users. Love love love!

Thank you, Jaycee! =)


Mango purse/ Forever21 mesh booties


Yes, it’s sweater season already! Yay! If I had to wear one piece of clothing in my closet it would have to be sweaters and hoodies. Wait, why am I like talking about this over and over again for the past 2 years from the time I started blogging. It’s like a routine for me to talk about sweaters everytime the month of October starts. Haha! See how much I’m obsessed about them?

For me, I think sweaters are actually one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in our closet. Have you noticed how easy it is to style them? From denim pants, printed shorts to maxi skirts. There are so many ways for you to wear sweaters. Like I always say, it’s just a matter of experimenting. Have fun with dressing up. =)

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