Flaura Tiara flower crown

Got this beautiful flower crown from a visit to the Manila Sundance Bazaar last September 6 – 8. One of the best finds I got at the bazaar so far. I fell in love with this flower crown I bought two of ‘em! They’re so pretty I couldn’t resist!

In case you guys haven’t seen my blog post about the bazaar. Click here.


Romwe painting dress


Forever21 nude heels


Nothing beats a graphic printed dress. I choose not to over accessorize my whole look and wanted the flower crown and the dress to stand out on its own. Well, I was never really the type who loves to over accessorize myself with bangles, rings and necklaces. I tend to keep everything in just the right amount of bling whenever I dress up so that I wouldn’t look too drowned in hardware. Hihi!

I must admit, I collect a lot of accessories myself but I’m also having a hard time deciding which ones to wear for a certain outfit. I always end up with just a few and realize that I needed more of this and that. Haha! I suck at “excessorizing”. =)

Anyway, I do hope you like today’s look! Then again, have a great week guys! 

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