For Heavens Sake


Yay for a new ootd! For my come-back look. I decided to go for a little bit of the rocker chick vibe. Lips print skater skirt, a black muscle tee, cap, denim jacket and a pair of black Lita’s. I think this look goes from day to night and of course, from being all sickly for the past few days, the jacket serves as a warmer in case the weather gets cold. Hihi!


Gifi Clothing muscle tee/ OOTD Pilipinas skater skirt


Amber Avenue denim jacket


Oasap boygirl cap


Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots


I’m back! I sooo missed blogging, dressing up and taking outfit photos. I missed all of you! Not being able to blog for days makes me realize how much I love what I do. Sorry for the long long looong break guys, I was down with a flu and I couldn’t get myself to blog. Was in bed the whole time and couldn’t even get up. =(

Well, It’s been awhile since my last ootd. It’s been more than a week actually. So what happened to me you ask? My tonsillitis has decided to attack me again and beat me to death right after I got back from a short trip to Manila. It was so painful i couldn’t even take a sip of my own glass of water. Plus, fever and colds. It was a never ending torture I almost gave up and told my mom I wanted to get confined in the hospital. Haha! Crazy me.. But I’m okay now, Thank God! Hehe!

Hope you like today’s look! =)

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