First off, I want to thank everyone who joined my Flipelas giveaway last month. I was so happy with the amount of entries I got in just a week. Yaaay! Yeah that already made me happy! Hehe! Thanks guys!


Forever21 denim dress and braided belt



Flipelas in milada


Paperplanes Manila customized notebook

I have always loved collecting pocket notebooks since my high school days. I don’t really write on them though, I might ruin it with my oh so beautiful handwriting. Haha!


Don’t you just love these Flipelas? Cuteness overload! These are actually my first pair of embellished flipflops. I have always thought that flipflops were just a pair of plain old slippers and that all you can think of is which color to get. No design at all, just prints and colors. Lol! So here’s Flipelas! If you guys haven’t seen the rest of their designs, do check ‘em out. I’m sure you’ll love it! The price you ask? I assure you that it wont cost you a pair of expensive brazillian flipflops. hihi!

Have a great week guys! =)

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