PINKaholic knit dress (sold out)


Jump From Paper cheese bag

Back when I was still a little girl, I loved watching cartoons all the time, well, even up to this day. Hehe! I used to imagine how cool it would be if the animated cartoons would come to life and that I would be able to actually hold them in my bare hands. Haha! Never thought I’d get a 3D bag that’s close enough as something that came right out of a cartoon show. How cool is this? Thanks to Jump From Paper. It came all the way from Taipei! =)


Forever21 mesh booties


I was inspired by the three dimensional look of the bag, I decided to call this blog post “Cartoonized”. I couldn’t stop shooting this look ‘cuz I was so amused by how amazing it looks on the photos. Even before I got the bag, I couldn’t imagine how the actual bag would look and feel like. It literally jumped from paper!

Hope you like today’s look guys! Enjoy the weekend! =)

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