Double Cross


Forever21 cross necklace


Plush Clothing dress/ Forever21 denim vest/ Topshop booties

Loving the uneven hemline on this gothic-ish dress from Plush Clothing. The leopard cross print is a definite plus on this look. Threw on a light washed denim vest to balance out the colors so it wouldn’t look too dark and gothic.


Although it’s been raining here a lot, weather is still not that cold to be wearing thick sweaters and jackets during the day. So here, I decided to just settle for a sleeveless denim vest. Just enough to keep me warm but definitely not sweating. Lol


Oh, hello there! Everyone, meet my fat minpin, Gucci! =p

So lately, It’s been raining here like crazy and for that, I have no choice but to shoot indoors for now. I hate indoor shots ‘cuz of the poor lighting and the photos always gets a little grainy and darker. I just love shooting with natural light, I mean who doesn’t? Hmm.. maybe I’m just not that much of a “pro” in tweaking some of those settings to make indoor photos a lot better. Think I need to work on that. Haha!

Anyway, I hope you like today’s ootd. =) Have a great week guys!

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