Come Away With Me


Forever21 backpack


Sexy White Shirt V-neck white shirt/ Forever21 studded denim shorts/ H&M studded belt


Zara ankle boots


If ever I get the chance to go on a jet setting trip around the world, this would have to be my ultimate go-to outfit. Comfy, laid back look but still fashionable. Nothing can go wrong when you’re sporting your favorite white shirt. Dress it up, dress it down, simple as that. You can go ahead and excessorize if you want to, it’s a blank canvass!

For me, I like to pair my white shirt with denim cut-offs for that laid back, slightly grunge look. Hihi! A white t-shirt always goes well with anything that’s in black with studs, leather, dark washed denim, etc.. The list goes on. So always remember that a great fitting plain white shirt is probably one of the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet. =)

*Kisses*  Hope you like this look! =)

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