Bitch, don’t kill my vibe


Rockin’ the bad girl vibe in this look yesterday. Just had a sudden urge to look all grunge-y. Lol. I also wanted to wear these new babies out so I could take them for a road test. Too bad it rained right after I took these outfit photos. Infact, It was already raining while we were shooting this look. So yeah, I wouldn’t risk getting them all tainted in dirt. I had to put them back in the box… Maybe some other time


Gifi Clothing muscle tee/ Topshop plaid shirt/ Forever21 shorts/ Marc by Marc Jacobs watch


Fly Shades in Cayenne


Paperplanes Manila customized S3 phone case

So lovin’ my customized phone case! Check out my post about Paperplanes Manila to know more about their products and other customized stuffs.


Jeffrey Campbell ZOMG


So, how’s everyone doing? Actually, today is the celebration for Butuan City Charter Day and that means no classes for students here in Butuan. Hehe! But we don’t usually call it Charter Day, Butuanon’s call it, Adlaw Hong Butuan. Hmm.. I wonder what’s in store for all the Butuanon’s later tonight. Hehe!

Have a great weekend guys! =)

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