Pretty Boy


Miss Mannequin top/ Oasap box clutch


Femmex maxi skirt

Have you guys noticed? I think I’ve been wearing too much maxi skirts lately. Been wearing skirts for the past 3 blog posts. I am now officially obsessed with maxi skirts. I can’t even remember the last time i wore a pair of denim shorts which I think is good. =p

Back then, I’ve been constantly wearing denim shorts that it actually made me realize now that denim shorts were my daily uniform back then. Haha! So yeah, I really think this new “experimental-me” is actually a good thing. More like stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting more.


Oasap cap/ Forever21 necklace


Jeffrey Campbell zomg


Speaking of being experimental, I personally think its good for us to step out of our comfort zone once in a while. Well, not just in the way we dress up ourselves but of course, in our daily lives as well. Step out of your normal routine. Time to stretch out your limits and explore the unknown (lol)! Go unwind, do extreme sports, have fun, make a fool of yourself, party harder, get drunk, get wasted, get arrested… Joke. Haha! But really, it’s okay to get wasted, just make sure you had fun, be responsible and make sure you’ll be able to get home safe. Haha! I’m not encouraging anyone to get wasted, okay? I’m just sayin’. It’s okay if you don’t wanna do it. Relax. Hehe!

Why am I even talking about this on a weekday? Haha! Anyway, have fun everyone! =)

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