On Backwards


Femmex earrings


Femmex midi dress/ Forever21 denim vest/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

In love with this midi dress that I got from Femmex. Love the fabric, print, the cut and especially the slit. I actually thought it would be nicer if I had the slit right in front and besides, who would ever notice? The print makes it so hard to tell that I had this on backwards. Hehe! I can even move freely! =p


Pretty Little Blings lionhead bracelet/ Femmex colored ring/ Zara studed clutch


I’m back with a new OOTD. =)  Why is it that whenever I don’t get to blog for a span of 3 days it already feels like I haven’t blogged for a week? Haha! Hmm.. Atleast I have tested my blogging consistency for 2 years already. Being unable to blog for a week feels like something went missing in my day to day routine.

I do hope you guys enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy writing them. =)

Have a great week!

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