Happy In Pink


Femme Fatale dress


Forever21 purse/ Trinkets In Style gold bangle/ SDT Charms bracelet


Romwe gold floral necklace


Fancy Feet gold snakeskin pumps


On the contrary, my facial expression doesn’t seem to look so happy. But trust me, deep down inside, I really am happy in pink. Hihi! I’m just not into so much of that happy smiling poses when shooting for ootd’s. Hmm.. Maybe I should try that every once in awhile don’t you think? Yeah, maybe. =p

So time for my next ootd. What I love about this dress? The cutouts on its sleeves, that would be my favorite part of the dress. It’s a solid pink color so its really easy to style and I also love a dress that’s cinched at the waist area so it makes your waist look smaller and hips look wider. It’s a mini dress too so it would make your legs look longer as well. That’s why I love wearing mini’s since I am petite. hehe!

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