Femmex neon ring/ Forever21 bag


Femmex neon top/ Romwe ski cap/ Forever21 white denim shorts


Payless magenta heels


Feeling spunky today! I just felt the sudden urge to go all out on colors today. Got so inspired by this kaleidoscopic top (as what the title says) that i got from Femmex. My Femmex package was literally bursting out with colors! If you’ve been following me on my Instagram account, you have probably seen that post on my Femmex package. =)

So anyway, it’s been days since i last posted an ootd. Well here’s a colourful comeback. haha! Despite the non-stop heavy rains here in our city i think i can still squeeze in a few more summer outfits since the sun still comes out every other day of the week. Hmm… I’m actually having a love-hate relationship with this kind of weather. I love it ‘cuz i’d be able to wear knits and boots. Hate it ‘cuz rainy weather makes people/me lazy. Haha!

Have a great week guys! mwah!

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