Life is a velvet crowbar, hitting you over the head


Topshop alexus boots


Plush Clothing aztec print dress/ Mango leather jacket


Oasap lion head necklace/ Forever21 triangle nekclace


I am currently re-organizing my closet. Tossing all my summer clothes at the back and pulling out all my knits and jackets. Yay! I love this kind of weather. I can finally go all crazy with the sweaters and boots now.  =)

This is actually one of my first outfits to wear leathers jackets again. I didn’t wanna look ridiculous by wearing the jacket at summertime wherein its scorching hot outside. I’m willing to let myself turn on the “tiis-ganda” mode but if I’m sweating it out under the sun then I think i’ll pass. haha! But for this look, i can always take off the jacket if i want to and tie it around my waist. 

And that is all for now guys.. Hope you like it!

Happy thursday everyone! =)

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