Monday Blues


S&H spiked booties

I actually got this pair from Bloggers United 5 at the S&H booth! Super happy with my purchase!


Femme Fatale harlequin bodycon skirt/ Forever21 bustier


Oasap rottweiler box clutch/ Aldo leaf cuffs


Oh my God… Monday blues. I can’t even think of anything to say to you guys. Hehe! I had to post this look just because i had taken it at the back of my blue cube and it literally resembles the phrase “Monday Blues”. Ugh, i don’t wanna drag you guys into my lazy monday sickness so enough with this. Lol. =p

Happy Mondays… Happy Mondays… Happy Mondays…. =)

Moving on… Here is another black and white ensemble. The top is an all white bustier with eyelets all over it which is very dainty and yes, very girly as well. I tried to break that off by wearing this harlequin print bodycon skirt that i got from Femme Fatale (Thank you FemmeFataleph!). And since I didn’t want to go for a “super sexy” look by wearing heels, I wore a pair of spiked booties instead to make the whole look more casual with a hint of a rocker chick vibe to it. Choz! 

Hope you like todays ootd! mwah! 

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