Blog Your Dreams


PINKaholic dress


Mel’s Collection “Love” wire bracelet/ SDT Charms year of the rabbit lucky charm bracelet


Zara heels


Bershka canvas clutch


“Blog Your Dreams”, completely in love with this phrase. I do think I am blogging my dreams since its what i loved to do ever since i started it. I blog mostly about all the things that keeps me interested in life. I have always been into this whole fashion craze and so far i have been blogging about it for almost 2 years now. And just like any other person in the world, who wouldn’t want to travel around the globe? I Hope that one day I would be able to do that as well.

Then again, I am writing late night blog posts and Saving Private Ryan is on the TV right now. I haven’t seen this movie but I’m hating it already and I do love Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg but movie ratings/reviews aren’t going to convince me on how great this movie is. I’ve always hated war films, i find them boring and depressing. I’d rather watch ancient war movies. Anyway, I am not writing this at 4 or 5 in the morning if that’s what you’re thinking. Hihi! If you’ve been very keen on following my every posts, then you have probably read something about how i sleep late at night and why i love to blog during those late night hours. Well, my ability to write is in full-drive (i think…) Lol. =p

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Friday is fly-day! hehe! =)

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